why i’m doing what i’m doing?

I don’t know if it is regret or just another self-deprecating moods of mine that has me writing now. I recently read a piece by  my friend about how she pondered  over the choice of coming to the USA for higher studies very carefully and that it was not a  decision made over the drop of a hat. Another friend wrote how she chose her branch of studies and institution after exhausting all options available at home. Well, this had me reeling! Forced me to face reality. I’m not sure if I’m headed the right way. Better still I’m not even sure if I’m good at it. I see people giving advise to scores of young kids about what to do with their lives. Think twice before you do that because someone like me is looking for a scapegoat to blame it on. Except in my case it is none but the non level-headed me.


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