The green peppers story

I was picking green peppers at leisure for my infamous sambhar in WALMART. Yes, laughter is imminent here.

Back at home it would have been so different. People calling out the prices of vegetables they carry, insisting beetroot or yam or even worse turnip is the most nutritive thing on earth, buyers like me haggling to the extent that even carrying R.5 back in your pocket  feels like winning a medal.

So in Walmart, I was minding my own business not thinking about prices! Anyway, this guy – seemed rather like a grandpa snatched the green pepper in my hand. I was stunned and ended up dropping two more peppers in my other hand. I can’t imagine how my reaction would have been if this had happened at a street in T-Nagar. However, this was the “place” where you can’t shout or talk or laugh loud except of course if you are deranged. So I controlled myself from lashing out at him. However my anger dissolved when he told me he was kidding! He wanted to know how I was classifying the peppers and I blurted I was looking for the greenest ones. And he left saying he had learnt something new for the day! Thank goodness I had stopped  myself from embarrassing myself!



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