The Tambrahm rage

Yet another confessions page made for my people, by my people and to my people. Seemingly it is not enough that we have made fun of ourselves on tumblr and facebook.  Thayir sadham(curd rice) jokes are everywhere and all the time! Ugh! Beware, the curd may have turned super sour by now. Sharing recipes for thirattipal or mulagukozhambhu is at least useful for ignorant people like me. But how ignorant are people that they do not know that it is not a matrimonial site. Of course anything that comes free of cost attracts us like bees to honey. Being a teetotaler, non-vegetarian or easy is a personal choice; nobody needs to butt in. I’m perplexed with all the hurry in pouring hearts out anonymously on a web page. After all death awaits us come what may!

Well, I guess the winner here is the social network! It has accomplished its task of having us share our fortunes or misfortunes of being born a TamBrahm!



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