The Shawshank effect

a-light-in-the-darknessThe walls are closing in on me. There is not a speck of light in the confined space. Crouching forever is punishing my bones.    Mind-numbing fear of losing everything sends a shiver down the spine. I try to calm down myself by blanking my mind. No avail. I fear death no more. I’m blindfolded in a dark room and I can feel it slowly enveloping me. I can no longer meet my family, have lunch together, watch TV, criticize neighbors and live the dull normal life with them. Feels like I’m heading straight into a black hole. I’m contemplating on two choices – living in shame or stop living. Walking in a line behind my fellow inmates, I can’t even stand upright since my posture has severely suffered.  Wiping away the tears, wait REAL tears! My cheek is wet! What a nightmare! The fact that I can still remember it and feel the desperate, grim environment even now tells me how elaborate the dream was. It was not just the imagery but what it felt like gives me the chills. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to learn some skills from Michael Scofield.


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