If I had that super power…

Have you ever longed for possessing your favorite super power? Forget about the source of the power like bats, spiders, long-forgotten myths, planets unheard of or other telltales and just hypothesize. Aside from the normal Cinderella-like dreams I have the surging need to set things straight in this crooked place. I don’t aspire for fame or power, Batman style. Not being modest here but I’m not not vain enough to claim that I don’t like soaring the skies.

First thing that comes to mind is the bloody corruption. I guess the “great” people forgot to get it nipped in the bud. Now it is a flourishing monster preying on pathetic souls.  It doesn’t take much to deduce that “punishment” will not set it right. So if I have that super power, I can weave up a network of all those corrupted such that everyone owes everyone. This will turn corruption into friendship. No one is less or more unfortunate. Just distribute the fortune or shall we call it “luck” ? Something that we would like to believe in.

I’m already tired of my super power. As human beings evolve, my math gets complicated. I can’t figure out what are the bad things that haunt our planet and their source. This is not some witchcraft language that I fancy writing. This is the truth. Think of the bigger picture. For me it is a haze of wires buried deep that unscrambling seems impossible.



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