Superhero battle

Disclaimer – I am not the creator but a brazen critic.

Man of steel is out. I stayed up last night reading some reviews and was particularly glad to find this – “Film wallows in sorrow more than soars”. Glad because I had sort of predicted this outcome given Nolan’s involvement. “S” stands for hope, he says and yet why so serious “Superman”? Superman is the personification of hope, humanity and kindness despite his possession of super-human powers. Did he really have to have a choice in the climax scene? He just snaps the neck of the super bad villain from Kryptonite, Zod. Talk about the misfortunes of young Clark  growing up as an outcast. Hello! This is the story of every teenager. There is a line in the movie for our hero’s love interest who is a writer. She yells – “I’m a Pulitzer prize winning  journalist.” and her boss snubs – “Then act like one!”. Bless the writers for putting the words right in my mouth. Forget the story and let’s get down to brass tacks. According to the director anything S does is CGI. So he has feasted us to a sprawling mega-budget overkill of visual effects. The movie soars in the casting department with Henry Cavill’s beautiful face betraying I’m awesome yet damaged and Russell Crowe’s plummy English accent. The movie however fails to impress me on the whole. Guess I simply cannot let go of the dark, sullen, gritty character of Batman with a moral battle raging in his heart revealing his true human nature.


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