A recent tweet – “My #Chennai My Right: The Hindu’s campaign for a safe & healthy city for its residents”  triggered me into writing this article. It may sound presumptuous, but I have always ruminated over the quote by John F.Kennedy – “Don’t ask what your country can do for you. Ask instead what you can do for your country”. Ever since I stepped foot into the USA for pursuing higher studies, this has increased owing to reasons manifold.

Believe it or not, each one of us has cribbed about the lack of water,electricity, congested roads and the merciless heat. Sometimes we blame the government or the corrupt politicians; sometimes that self-indulgent neighbor and of course the rain-god gets an earful most of the times. We are so used to shifting the blame onto the deaf community. We, the “Chennaites” take immense pride in our culture, food, the slang of our language, the movies and their talented stars, wins in intra-national contests and the list continues. Laying it bare, our hearts beat as one when the CSK team wins a match or A.R Rahman wins an Oscar or two! With such unity, I strongly believe that butterfly effect can set things right in the near future for our splendid city.

To support my claim, let me give an example of a simple lesson I learnt from a toddler. I had the strongest urge to throw away my candy wrapper while I was seated in a bus. This kid was playing with his iPhone and suddenly looked up. He had a wrapper folded in his hands. He stopped playing and stuffed it into his pocket. I think he knew I was going to throw mine away. He showed me the right way and I followed him. I had a revelation that day. Good deeds permeates and gives rise to great achievements.

For all those pessimists out there – there is nothing wrong in trying, is there? Of course there must be some incentive for taking the lead. When we can take the bait of the so-called “leaders” and call it their victory; can we – the people who have a duty to the country not do this much? We will have a lot to celebrate for if we achieve this big dream – taking inspiration from our very own Dr. Kalam.









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