When a tornado meets a volcano

There is a kind of anger managment – writing.  A dreadful day it was, an incipient tumult in my head pushed me off the edge and here I landed. Today is the World Mental Health day. Call it coincidence but I think I just came down with another bout of something vile. Over the years I have deluded myself into thinking families make you happy; even with ekta kapoor’s melodrama playing on our TV day in and day out. Families are dysfunctional glibly put. We lock horns, sneer at misfortunes, spit at each other,hurl curses and when we get out unscathed we act like nothing happened. Fake smiles and fake wishes are all that have survived. Okay, back to my mp3 blaring and Eminem spewing out words faster than I can count. Now he is someone who has perfected the art of anger management.


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