Who said haggling is bad?

Did you know that about 30 chips go into a car these days? Well, I work in the computer industry and I did know for a fact that there are teams that almost exclusively work on the performance of chips that go into automobiles. So, when I get asked this question; no-brainer right? But I play along. Not because I like to act dumb or that I want to balloon up his ego and secretly wish that would knock off a grand from the price of the vehicle. Every customer haggles. So no surprises there. It may be a part of the act of negotiation. But we still are chameleons. Soon those species are going to sign a petition to stop using them as a metaphor.

Our human brain is no computer and the converse is true and well proven. You can define a person with his/her habits and wishes but he/she can still be unpredictable. What is amazing is the fact that some of us adapt ourselves so well. Others need more practice. The ones that are most successful in terms of popularity and riches are those that can bring in order among the unpredictable masses. I would say they are the best hagglers. They get the best deal from us, the vendors. So when Zuckerberg says “thank you”, you have got it from the horse’s mouth!



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