I had a dream and I’m going to ramble on

Sitting down with my tablet, fingers poised and eager to conclude this with a flourish. Darn it! I can’t seem to write about my dream that I’m still trying to grok. Why? I just finished watching the pale blue dot. No, it is not a sappy idealistic movie. It is rather a much romantic view of the universe in the calming voice of Carl Sagan. And my naivety knows no bounds to think I was the only prey to paraxtaxis style of delivery of sentences. Sagan does this in his monologue – “visit yes, settle not yet” when he talks about other realms of space. And even Julius Caesar “I came, I saw, I conquered”.

The video is spurring me on to not write about myself. I mean after all I’m a speck of dust on a pale blue dot!  Sparring with my conscience  let me go ahead at this point. This dream was funny to me with a spooky afterthought. So in this elaborate canvas of my head, I had strapped on a pair of wings instead of shoes (don’t remember if I had socks on! Sorry. Lol) . One moment I was not so much walking on  clouds and the next I’m air-borne with the wings flapping at my feet. Believe me, I woke up to a fluttery noise in my ear! It has me thinking even now if such a mode of transportation can be engineered! What a cool way it will be to commute without traffic and accidents (speeding tickets are unavoidable though! )

This dream reminds of another dream an inventor had a century ago. Students of chemistry cannot have possibly washed out the nightmare that only they know as 1,3,5-cyclohexatriene. I haven’t either! History has it that the German chemist, Kekule, had discovered the ring shape of benzene molecule after having a reverie of a snake seizing its own tail! As vile it may sound,  benzene has a beautiful structure of a hexagon, aromatic and as always as all beautiful things are toxic – it is carcinogenic.

What do dreams mean? I going to assume that mine was a simple manifestation of Xavier, Magneto and Storm from the movie I had watched the night before I went to sleep!





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