Run like you never have

We broke the 5 mile barrier yesterday! The “we” includes my vagabond mind and my body under its mercy. I decided to document this experience as my own very private road to perdition. No reservations. Not always. Sometimes a fruity situation just presents itself on a platter. Like when you reserve tickets to a bad movie and sit through passing snarky comments fearing harassment from fellow decadent souls.  I’m going to apologize for my OCD kicking in with oblique thoughts here once and not sprinkle them everywhere like blueberries on a blueberry muffin! The first mile is quite hard since the body raises a great hue and cry over violating Newton’s First Law and the unspoken law of indolence. Calling the mind a scheduler is no misnomer and it is probably a maven of all the products of all versions ever made by the state of the art, cut throat industry.  The mind gloats over winning the mile long duel and the victory lap counts to an even mile. From there on, the repressed knee and the jaded ankle begin to write their sore indie movie story, making it just impossible to ignore.  It helps if you imagine you are the savior of Gotham or the running is generating energy to launch a missile on the enemy planet or your neighbor’s unleashed Doberman is right behind you! The penultimate mile is when you experience the “everything is cool and crystal on this good green earth” syndrome – if you know what I mean…Anyway, the final mile is a piece of cake – the missing piece that is eventually going to make all of this a moo effort!

When you run long enough, it is no longer a hebetudinous affair. For the lack of a better synonym – it is the non-Twilight-saga of an experience. Believe you me, the sundry emotions washing over does a thorough job of cleansing and invigorating. You also learn to fight, face your demons, take the bull by the horns (yes, i love allegories) and it is tougher than fighting your enemies or competition and remember in this case you don’t have a trophy waiting for you!



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