New media and a culture of distracti- Squirrel!

Prone to PR

A tweet from Rainn Wilson that appeared while writing this post.

Saturday, June 30, 9 a.m. –

The weekend is here. I don’t have a single commitment until work on Monday morning, and the forecast of rain and thunder means I’m likely to spend a considerable portion of the day on the couch.

But in this media climate, laziness rarely translates into a mental reprieve.

My desktop has several tabs open: a New York Times Magazine article on Hilary Clinton, a New Yorker piece examining of our reputation as the “entitlement generation,” and Anne-Marie Slaughter’s controversial essay in The Atlantic about progress for modern women. A notification appears for one of my three email accounts; Google Reader offers updates from favorite blogs about PR, soccer and international affairs; and Twitter sits to the side, smoothly updating as brands and companies around the world add to the live stream. I shuffle…

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