What is food without a side to it..

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Shaken and Stirred.”

I decided to cook dinner for my friends. They were being my best buddies by coming in late. I had almost completed cooking the sides and began steaming some rice. Once they were in, we inevitably launched into a deep-dive of our other friends. As we sat down for dinner, someone finally picked up the scent of something barbecued. It was summer and I definitely wasn’t planning on roasting chestnuts in an open fire! It was my main dish – the rice had reduced to ashes! I always had a cinch of suspicion on my good luck that day when everything tasted palatable. Anyway, my best buddies, as they are that, and I ate a sumptuous meal of home-delivered pizza and my side dishes – the success of which will remain undisclosed!


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