Those were the good old days. Yes, repeated it a million times without proof of it. So I’m creating one now. Lounging on a Saturday evening, sipping tea, watching Simpsons, devil-may-care attitude towards cleaning the desktop (PS. you always kept a 3 meter radius fairly clean) is how it looked like. Doesn’t sound or feel golden now. Somehow we always want to travel to the past. Science has not progressed enough to allow it on a physical scale except in Nolan movies (PS. you recently watched Interstellar). Not sure if it is in human nature to dwell in the past or just that the scientific community wants to reap its investment in the “Time Machine” or a case of Ouroboros. There are numerous adages about living in the present. I’d love to eat peaches and corns while living in the present, pun intended. Anyway, taking a leaf out of the good book of proverbs and brainy quotes, today I’m writing to the future me of how I created a memory so I can travel to the past and resurrect the importance of living in the present.


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