Pillars of ideals or pile of idiosyncrasies

A mind and a quill at my disposal has been gnawing me to render this insufferable post. Quit reading further and hop on the bandwagon if you watched Pk and totally agree with the director, actors, cameraman and what the heck, even the spot boys. To continue the thought, you probably think it was Indian version of Interstellar, with directors conveying the same message just a tad differently. While Mr.Hirani gave us the overcooked version of “God/Religion is BS” with a stack of satirical examples that had us chewing and choking intermittently, Nolan went roundabout stringing along his physics chum and then came straight-shooting with “Gods are the future us”, and so you are probably stupid now anyway. The message was clear in Pk and we all received it, the usual postal mail way. How we wish it could have been drone delivered! To engage some real thought into the customs we believe and follow today – which were probably drilled into our heads when we made that ape to man transformation, we needed them to cause order. Heck, even our nation’s greatest thinkers made provisions to amend the constitution (although don’t blame me if we still have some apes passing bills!).  As a system’s progresses, its coefficients change and to cause the same order, we need to make other changes. And I don’t think this movie comes on the heels of making a change. What happened to the good-old humor in movies! I throw my money away on carb-loaded motionless sitting for two hours for a reality check? Rib-tickling funny is my genre. I can deal with life later on.


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