From competition to complacence

What happened today in school? Or shall I say, the gladiators’ arena. Don’t care how, don’t care if it is a sports, arts, music or refrigerator class; how did the other kid do?- the one that defeated you in the fancy dress competition mimicking Rajnikanth, jazzing the crowd with punch lines. Well, what do you expect when you are such a highbrow snob, masquerading in His garb, reciting arcane yet powerful things and praying to yourself illogically. Anyway, take my word now. I’m going to thrust all my dreams onto you. Not just that, I’m going to overcompensate and earn some reprieve from all my failed attempts at living the dream. Don’t blame me for your misfortunes and missed opportunities that I rescued you from.  I’m responsible for who you are – independent, self-motivated, happy arrogant prick.

True. I feed and clothe myself. So you can pat your back and be rid of me. But that will not stop me from bemoaning your actions. Neither can I get complacent now. Competition, here I come. If I fail – come find me, my dearest kid!


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