Lose and Learn

I lost something. That I know. But what when where how ? The ordeal of dealing with an over analyzing brain is a nuisance. So here we go analyzing. There are so many factors that influence our habits, behavior and attitude. Starting from our substrate – parents, teachers, friends, relatives, people in the news and people who you wonder why are not in the news. But do any of them really care? Alright, mostly they wish the best for us in their own selfish way. What we make of ourselves with all this influence thrust upon us is essentially in our hands.

We learn a lot by coincidence at first. A whole lot of academic jargon in school which will in the future, believe me kids, will help us earn our daily bread. We learn sports so we know how to take failure in stride or atleast join a cheer squad and gain like minded friends forever. You know, like minded like weirdos. It is hard to shirk the  sarcastic relative because you love being one too. Some teachers come close to being an inspiration. Cocooned until we fly, the decisions we make soon after come with a cost and that is called regret. Not one of those people are going to be responsible for our crummy actions.

So analyzing again – I may have lost the ability to learn from mistakes. I have come to realize it is an evolutionary trait necessary for survival. So, I’m going to try and master it. After all, do I not have all my life to commit mistakes?


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