Let it go

Let’s go meet princess Elsa, says my friend. I trudge along. I take a picture with her and it feels wonderful. What a snob! There are these humans whom I sometimes hang out with and take them for granted. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

As children we make friends very easily. Anyone who plays run and catch with you after school is a friend.  As we grow older, things change. Wariness of pride, success, competition sets in. The ego flag flutters high and mighty. People use friends as their stepping stones. Some have the fortune of having a true friend. Some have mothers.  In my case, I must have gobbled up some cantankerous introverted monster who is scared about touching anything for the reason it may leave. Like Ross, I wonder how many will shed tears when I’m gone!  I don’t need to fake a funeral service though. Seems like a bunch of them still want me to break a leg at the Austin Full Marathon 2016! So I’m going to be there for them and try to be an awesome FRIEND.


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