Human body – what a mess!

I discovered the “zen” art from of running two years ago. I knew at some level I was born bipedal even if my ancestors disapproved.  So I dabbled. At first, it seems impossible. But once you master the verb of life sustenance – “breathing” and are willing to resist your body weight as reaction force on a single leg, you are running! Simple physics makes it sound excruciating, nevertheless it is just that simple. Our body is designed to take the pounding force when we hit the ground each time with one foot. The heavy weight muscle that sits on the top – ” brain” also needs practice. It gets better with time.It knows it has no business turning on while you’re running. The healing power of this machine is incredible too. Well, if you don’t mess with it like I did!

My first visit to a chiropractor made me speechless when she pulled out a model spinal cord. The damn thing has curves, dangling nerves and joints and all. This thing adjusts itself with every move you make. Somehow I can only think of it as a huge software framework with bug fixes happening as fast as holes emerge. What  a clunky thing! I’m not a professional at skeletal business – maybe this was the most elegant solution our ancestors could come up with! I wonder whether they thought about security issues called injuries! Microsoft did not 🙂

I had a sprain which I assumed was going to go away bearing a testament to the magical healing powers of the human body. It didn’t. My resentment has now grown for this set up.





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