Government works in mysterious ways

The title was inspired from a book called “The Sicilian” by Mario Puzo. He writes about kidnapping as a cottage industry – “They would “invite” a rich person to be their guest, and he could not be released until he had paid room and board, as in a fine hotel. The rich of Sicily had come to think of this as a sort of unofficial tax for their living in the land they loved, and since they paid so little taxes to the official government, they bore this cross with Christian resignation.”

The global market caters to everyone. In a free market, it is the prudence of a buyer or seller that puts him on an economic scale. Into this equation, comes the Big Brother. We have waged wars and handed over the law and order of demarcated geographical areas to specific people and have ignored being bothered about it afterwards. These specific people with their specific leanings have contributed to shaping the free market. So when the discontentment rises, other specific people take law into their own hands. It is improbable that the specific people of any kind in power can work for the general benefit of all people unless of course they are the satiated to the brim. And of course human propensity to benevolence sways multiple times in a day which is why the title.



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