Dogs – them know love

Unconditional love. Yes, that’s what they have to offer. No another human on this earth can love without reciprocation. Humans are biologically selfish or survivors if you will. A pet does have some expectation. Some food, water and a roof over its head can buy all the love you want. Yes, you can’t read their minds and of course they don’t speak English. But we had the Huog! When I first met him – he was a ferocious one, a German Shepherd known for his kind’s astute intelligence and sensitivity. His ears always perked up always keen to learn and always active. He was also funny/stupid sometimes – trying to swat mosquitoes without any luck and falling for the doorbell prank all the time. His stance scared away the meek but the brave ones could pet him like a bunny rabbit! He’s irreplaceable. Well, maybe someday when I find someone exactly like him. Doesn’t everyone have that special filter?


2 thoughts on “Dogs – them know love

  1. regulus98 June 14, 2016 at 10:46 am Reply

    I agree. I miss my dog too.

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