Human beings are social animals and to be a social butterfly these days is unleashing your basic politeness and a bend over backwards attitude.  It is truly a phenomenon. If you don’t keep up with the norm, you are most likely an outcast. For eons we have been taught, preached and commanded to follow rules. Being normal is the fashion – ironic isn’t it? As a young kid, you follow rules to avoid punishment from teachers and parents and as a young adult you avoid punishment from the Big Brother (“the law”) and at the ripe old age you fear punishment from Him. Fear of being discarded as an outcast is ingrained in us. Anything new needs to be vetted by the common majority. Maybe Copernicus  can rant about this topic better.  Maybe it is the herd mentality that runs deep in our veins. But we are rational beings capable of questioning our existence. Humans are so proud of teaching their offsprings and call it their heritage. Scientists now claim that dolphins can do that as well. We don’t see dolphins waging wars or are they? Have they achieved the idyllic evolution state? Is it just a bunch of scientific breakthroughs  or pervasive technology that serves human decadence or economic equality?  Is it going to be collective or an individual achievement?


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