Songs and situations

You have the “this song reminds me of this” syndrome if you listen to your discovery of the day in a loop until ears start pleading. I can get obsessed with a song and play it over and over while working or travelling or some other verb. The other day, I was listening to some 90’s rahman throwbacks – it reminded me of the time when the radio used to on between 6 and 8 am at home blaring and we kids were getting ready for school. I could even recreate some of the noise my mom made in the kitchen while she prepared lunch, my dad yelling every 5 minutes that 10 minutes is up, grandma combing my hair, my brother running helter-skelter and ironing wet socks. Some older hits remind me of laying spread-eagle in the hall of my house at 11 pm trying to solve ridiculous math problems – radio mirchi used to start their 80’s hits show around 10 pm. The other day, I was scrolling through my brain for college memories by paging through songs history. I must say backstreet boys, JT, Usher were kind of like JB,One direction and Adele of today. I was just making a comparison of popularity – no comments about skills! “Just so you know” – by Jesse McCartney makes a special entry here since I must have listened to it like a ritual every day for a week  during my bus ride in Bangalore. “Firefly ” – by Owl city, Eminem’s “Lose yourself” and Linkin Park’s “numb” gives me glimpses of  some of the serious phases of my undergrad life – preparing for projects, exams and interviews. How I wish I could go back in time to the firefly times! I seem to have a black hole in my brain after that phase. Maybe it needs time to pickle the memories! It is an amazing feat – since people may come and go, money may come and go – only thing that stays will be these memories and songs of course! I have got to go make my discovery of the day now – bye!


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