Running from everything

Why do we defend ? We fear harm and we feel pain which is flagged as an error signature by our brain. Evolution has bestowed upon each one us earthlings  – the art of fight or flight as a defense mechanism. Being non-confrontational with all forms of life is the path I unconsciously chose. Simply put, I’m constituted of social awkwardness, so I adopted the latter. People ask me why I run. It started out as an alternative to watching sitcoms on my PC since I have seen all of them. I was into track events as a kid and was quite good at it. However my breathing was hampered due to chronic wheezing – an evil joke played by my lungs. The most happiest memories of my school life are on the road outside my house playing badminton with my brother, my best friend and neighbor during school days, my room mates in college. Then abruptly one day, existential crisis hit me.  I started working and there was nothing else to do. I found a few friends but was too afraid to ask them if they played any sports. I realize now that the best gift in the world for me is finding friends who have a few quirks in common with me like playing badminton or TT or any random game. So I started running. It was a loner sport and I loved it! It gave me freedom and power. I was conquering my brain and its boredom. I was welcomed by a faint twinge of wheezing again. But I conquered my lungs too. My life had met a purpose. Then I met a group of crazy runners who ran fast and ran for a cause. I trained with them learning a lot of different things. I can say I’m a better person now because of all the people I have ever run with or played with. I’m still an introvert running away from things. Well, isn’t the universe doing it too – expanding?.


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