Monthly Archives: October 2016

Gender neutrality

Today, I decided to put myself in the spacious shoes of my opposite gender and wonder about the world for awhile. I see my colleagues chatting around me gossiping about new gadgets and deals. They talk and complain about the commute, work and politics. They look and behave like normal humans. It is easy to mask yourself intellectually as any gender anywhere. If so, why do we (females) still feel like we are being treated to chivalry and sometimes misogyny at worst? Is it something ingrained in the female genes to feel inferior or is it a cultural byproduct? Physically (I know since I’m a runner), that it is quite impossible to bridge the gap between genders unless you’re a pro in the sport. But it still pains me to see the abominable quality of some men who call themselves sportsmen and underestimate competition from women. I’m waiting for the day when there is not gender equality but gender neutrality!