Monthly Archives: September 2017

Stuff we can and cannot do

Our brains do quite a stupendous job behind the scenes doing the daily math jobs pattern recognition, depth perception, time keeping etc. Bees can apparently do a better job than computers to solve the NP hard travelling salesman problem. They use heuristics to find the most optimal path to food – presumably their only goal in life. Humans might be more complicated in the goals arena. We are the only species that can kick off more than two trains of thoughts in parallel. I was yet again mind blown by Neil degrasse Tyson (duh). After a long nail biting pause, he stacked up reasons fastidiously on why he thinks we might be living in higher dimensions idea. There are things we can’t prove with science today – does that imply our human brain hasn’t evolved yet to even begin to imagine or process the higher dimensions? The DNA we share with our common ancestors differs by only about 1%, he says and yet the differences in our abilities is gargantuan. So maybe we are not that smart? However it is heartening to think we have begun to tease the idea of what might be a “God”/superior being in sci-fi movies like Interstellar and Arrival. We are limited in our purview due to the limits we perceive in our world.