Daily Archives: January 5, 2018

Introvert problems

I experience a sudden loss of words whenever I need to defend my position or argue or reel off some facts or even bring up a topic related to the current topic. I search and search and all I can see are empty shelves. Where are all the podcasts and trivia I keep listening to all day? My brain is one helluva leaky cauldron or a super massive black hole. I can feel my brain getting obese – lethargic, pompous and privileged prick or just being its plain old self. The thing is I’m getting paranoid if I have Alzheimer’s  which is also a part of my brain’s function. How I wish there was a secondary thinking machine. Sometimes this thing called “gut feeling” does rear its face. Most of my cooking decisions are made unnoticed by the brain.  Recently i heard that willpower and decision making uses active memory and that we deplete our energy resources when we exercise it. This could be a reason behind the sugar cravings after a particularly stressful day. Sometimes I have to cajole my brain for a hang out with people and talk to them. It definitely counts as a stressful day on my calendar – the definition of being an introvert. It is a breeze with a bunch of familiar faces playing poker. However with new people, the brain tries to overcompensate – attempts to walk in their shoes, empathize and respond in a conversation appropriately and when it finds nothing to say, it beckons you to be silent – what an INTROVERT!