Daily Archives: May 13, 2018


I’m a runner. Always knew I was a runner ever since I knew I was bipedal. Running late, running marathons, running away from crowds and in general running from confrontations. Then I heard about people talking about the “Core” – you ought to strengthen your “core” they say. I see people huffing and puffing trying to do spidermans, mountain climbers, crunches, planks and trying to imitate other reptiles! I dabbled too. Then I realized I had the upper body strength of a gnat perhaps. I began going to some spin classes. I used to feel like I’ve been through a blender after those sessions. I used to experience pain in body parts that I never even knew had existed! I can afford to laugh at my beginner’s runner arrogance/ignorance to think that my legs are the crème de la crème of my body.  The “core” works silently and diligently supporting the body, balancing and enabling locomotion and any attempt at strengthening it is quite humbling and beneficial to the whole body. Whether you’re a runner or a fighter, the core keeps you moving or helps stand your ground and throw some punches.  The “Core” is truly the core of our existence.

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