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I’ve practiced and tried to imitate M.S Subbulakshmi’s soulful bhavayami gopalabalam without success till date. She’s irreplaceable, period.  Listening to Lalgudi Jayaraman’s thillana or E.Gayathri’s Nagumomu, I find myself wonderstruck at how ordinary I am.  That is what transcendental music does to you. Everyone likes to hum to the simple yet melodious tunes of Ilayaraja, no exceptions.  I particularly struck a chord with the chirpy song – pon malai pozhuthu; a mellifluous blend of flute and SPB’s vocals. As a student of science, I’m aware that the right combination of frequency and amplitude hits the sensory system and millions of nerve impulse transactions with the brain happen which makes us experience joy, victory, pain or sorrow.  Well this may sound dubious; but sometimes for me its patriotism! No one can beat Rahman in this domain. Hail the mozart of madras for composing the famous Vande mataram and my personal favourite -swades; such wonderful masterpieces that brought the nation together. Going global, stop here and listen to zimmer’s spell-binding score in inception, gladiator, potc and many more. The music speaks volumes in these movies. Let me not forget the good old Linkin park, coldplay, greenday, eminem etc., for throwing angry verses in rasping voices which really helps on the night of preparation for a tough exam. Thank you guys for protecting my sanity. Concluding my gibberish here – anything that tugs at you, evokes a response and stays in there is what is music to ears.  So much for whining to go to music class in my school days.